Plastic Primer

It is a one-component plastic primer that provides adhesion on plastic parts. When applying on PE and PE-PP mixed plastics, the surface must be passivated by applying heat treatment. It provides excellent adhesion to all other plastic surfaces. It is ready to use. Never mix it with any product.




Anti-Silicone (Silicone Remover)

It is an anti silicone spreading additive, it should only be used with topcoats and varnishes. It is not recommended to be added to primers, it may weaken adhesion between coats. It helps spread by lowering the surface tension and prevents silicon opening (pinhole), orange peeling, fisheye etc. It prevents surface problems such as. Recommended usage range is 0.1-0.3%. It is not recommended to use above these rates.


Activator (Accelerator)

It is an additive material that accelerates the drying process of paints, varnishes and primers. This product should be used to accelerate drying in cold weather conditions and small local repairs. Recommended usage range is 0.1-0.2%. It should never be used in ovens and in hot weather conditions more than the recommended ratio. Over use increases the surface tension, dulling, capillary perforation, peeling, wrinkling, wrinkling, etc. It may cause surface problems such as.



It can be used universally with any solvent-based system. (Synthetic, cellulosic, vinyl, epoxy, acrylic etc.) General usage area is auto repair top coat paints and varnishes. It can be used from 1: 4 to 1: 1 according to the desired matte degree.


Transition Agent

P-Acryl / C1 Metallic Basecoat is used in patch applications or transitions of colors. This product provides a smooth and homogeneous spread in the patched area. It prevents clouding in overflows around the repaired area. It is ready to use.


Buffer Liner

It is a product used in the painting of plastic parts in the automobile industry, which ensures better adhesion of the paint to the plastic surface and increases the resistance of the paint against external effects. It provides excellent adhesion to all plastic surfaces. Heat treatment must be applied to PE plastics, otherwise adhesion problems may occur.