Plastic Primer

It is a one component plactic primer that provides excellent adhesion on plastic surfaces. PE or/and PP-PE blend surfaces must be passivated by heat before application. It is ready to use, never mix with any product.





Anti Silicone

Anti Silicone is a levelling additive and should be added only in top coats and clear coats. (It is not recommended to be added to primers, it may weaken adhesion between coats.) It helps levelling by lowering the surface tension and prevents fish-eyes, pinholes, orange peels etc. surface defects. Recommended usage is 0.1-0.3 %. Never use over recommended amount.




It is an accelerating additive for drying process of paint, clear coats and primers. This product should be used to accelerate drying in cold weather conditions or spot repairs. Recommended usage 0.1-0.2%. It should never be used in ovens, in hot weather conditions and more than the recommended ratio. Over use increases the surface tension and may cause some surface defect such as matting, peeling, pinhole, shrinking, wrinkling etc.



Matting Agent

Matting Agent can be used universally with any solvent-based system. (synthetic, cellulosic, vinyl, epoxy, acrylic etc.) General application area is refinish top coats and clears. Can be used between 1:4 to 1:1 according to matting demand.



Blending Agent

Polaron Blending Agent is used for blending in P-Acryl/C1 Metallic Basecoat Colors. It is used in patch applications or transitions of colors. This product provides a smooth and homogeneous spread in the patched area. It avoids dark shadows around the repairing area. Ready to use. Shake before use.



Bumper Primer

It is a product used in the painting of plastic parts in the automobile industry, providing a much better adhesion of the paint to the plastic surface and increasing the resistance of the paint against external influences. It provides excellent adhesion to all plastic surfaces. PE surfaces must be heated, otherwise adhesion problems may occur.