Anti-Corrosive Paints


Corrosion (rusting) is the corrosion that occurs over time when the material reacts with water and oxygen. If measures are not taken against corrosion, it cannot be stopped. Since corrosion can cause serious damage to structures, necessary precautions should be taken from the very beginning. Corrosion detected building elements should be intervened in a timely and technically appropriate manner. At this point, damages that may occur in the RUST REFORM structure will be prevented in this way.

It is a one-component material that stops ferrous metals from rusting.
It is water based. It provides the transformation of rust on the surface by applying on rusty surfaces without the need for sandblasting and realizes the formation of a primer for the final coat paint.
It is an excellent coating for top coats.

Usage areas:

In industry, ports and facilities
On steel surfaces
On bridges
It is suitable for use on all rusty surfaces. The surface on which the product is used must have rust. It does not function when applied on a rust-free surface.