Reflective Paints


This paint group, which has been used abroad for years and is trying to be applied recently in our country, is an application type that ensures the energy efficiency of the building and minimizes the energy costs. The combination of high refractive index with high scattering power in the visible region of the spectrum is called reflective property. In the world, the demand for reflective materials (paints, foils, etc.) is increasing day by day. The paint structure used is water-based ceramic modified acrylic exterior paint. It has high water resistance and water repellency. Its flexibility is extremely high and it allows the building to breathe. In this way, the life of the building is extended. It is resistant to bad weather conditions and abrasion.


- By reflecting the sun's UV rays, it ensures that the insulation remains waterproof for much longer years.
- Thanks to its high reflectivity, it ensures that the interior surface of the building remains cooler and more comfortable.
- It is extremely resistant to oiling, diluted acid, base, salt, chemical substances, mold and air pollution and atmospheric conditions. It retains its initial properties and elasticity for years. It is a single component, easy to use material.
- It is resistant to sunlight as it is made of resins that are not affected by UV.
- Stable against depolymerization.