Anti-Bacterial Dyes


The paint is used to prevent fungal and virus growth. It is not applied directly to moldy surfaces. First, it is necessary to clean the surfaces with bleach-added water (1 unit of bleach 3 units of water), and apply primer and paint after drying. A paint with antibacterial properties and delaying the formation of mold and fungus should be preferred in the selection of paint.


It is a water-based acrylic dispersion-based interior paint. It is made of natural raw materials and is called MILK DYE. Thanks to its organic raw materials, it creates an extremely healthy coating on interior walls. It has high water resistance. It has water repellency. It allows the surface to breathe and thus prevents the formation of moisture. Thanks to its anti-bacterial feature, it prevents the formation of mold. It has high covering and adherence to the surface. It can be applied easily.

It is a very healthy paint that combines antibacterial properties with anti-mildew and fungi properties. Thanks to these properties, it makes the paint film much more durable on the surfaces it is applied to compared to other paints and keeps it young for years. The water-repellency and vapor permeability of the silicone and special resin within it increases the wipeability of the paint and prevents it from swelling and peeling, especially in humid environments. Thanks to its antibacterial feature, it is resistant to microbes harmful to the human body on the surfaces it is applied, so it can be used safely in Hospitals, Nurseries, Schools and food production facilities where hygiene is important. It has a structure that prevents the formation of fungus and mold on the applied surface. It is environmentally friendly due to its low VOC feature. It is recommended to be used in places where hygiene is very important, especially in the bathroom and kitchen.