Fireproof Paints


It is a warning, decorative and thin-looking fire-retardant coating to be applied on the steel carrier in the interior of buildings. It forms a one that delays the heating of steel by swelling during fire. It offers a wide range of colors with its top coat paint. It is an allowable formula up to 9.3 mm can be made.

Regarding the fire retardant paint, the use of water to ensure fire safety, in steel construction, the last estimate preferred for earthquake safety and easy applicability. It can be made available to be used for fire safety in steel carrier structure systems. The rate of temperature increase is slowed down with the firewall, it is gained for them to leave the structure inside the building and to apply the fire under control.

Steel is a type of fireproof material that has the advantage of being used together in buildings in many ways, its most negative side is its inadequate resistance to high temperatures. Based on this, the production of fire retardant paint is of great importance in the industry so that it is fire-safe in steel bearing structure systems.

Intumescent materials are generally materials that can provide up to 2 hours of durability.